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Hello From Keith

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I am Keith from Toton in Nottingham, I have been interested in astronomy since I was given a book for Christmas when I was about ten. My interest rekindled a couple or so years ago through watching Stargazing Live. Last year I went to the first public session of the Malcolm Parry Telescope at Long Eaton School in Long Eaton, I then joined the new Astronomical Society at the school. Last week I went to Star Gazing Live at the school, heard an interesting talk about the moon, and then observed Jupiter and it's four major moons trough the telescope. I was given a leaflet about East Midlands Stargazers by an enthusiastic member who gave me another look at Jupiter and a look at the Orion nebula.

Regards, Keith

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Hi Keith


Welcome to EMS...all of us are a bit enthusiastic here  :lol:  :)   I was at the school with my scope on the Tuesday night, but was too cloudy for seeing



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Welcome along Keith! I was the one with the 8" newt that showed you Orion. It was a pleasure to meet you on Wednesday :) Any questions, pop a thread up in the appropriate section and I'm sure somebody will be along to assist, there's not much that between us we can't answer or point you in the direction of an answer.


Enjoy the forums :)

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Hi Keith, a warm welcome to EMS.


Glad to see you made it!

My wife was the enthusiastic one with the leaflet's, and Iam the one with the view of Jupiter. It was great to meet you, and look forward to seeing you again.


Feel free to come over to one of the dark sites, where we sometimes manage to get a bit of clear, dark sky.

Keep an eye on the announcements section, as it can be organised or cancelled at short notice, mostly down to the weather.


If you have any questions, ask away, someone will be along to try and get you an answer.


Enjoy the forum.

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