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Hello from dark(ish) skies Melton Mowbray

Guest RedDwarf

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Guest RedDwarf

Hi folks

I'm new to astronomy having just been bought my first telescope (a Sky Watcher Evostar 120 refractor) by my wife for Christmas. I guess I must have been a good boy last year!

I've been interested in stargazing for a number of years and was into all things to do with space when I was a kid, but this has been rekindled recently through a friend who has a telescope.

I'm still finding my feet at the moment, but have been blown away by what I have been able to see already - Jupiter and the Galilean moons, the Orion Nebula, Pleiades cluster, etc. I'm well and truly hooked!

Really interested in finding out about stargazing events in my local area where I can meet up with more experienced people and begin to develop my skills and experience.



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Oh no, this could get confusing! At least you and our other red dwarf don't have the same real name! :D


Welcome to EMS!


That's a nice scope you have there, that should be plenty to help you observe some of the wonders of the sky.


We have a dark site at Wymeswold so if you are interested in observing you're free to come and meet us. Anybody who uses the dark sites repeatedly puts £20 per year towards the cost, but the first visit is always free.


There are also some Astro Societies local to you as well I think?

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Hi Steve and a warm welcome to EMS :)


Hope we get to meet you at a dark site session soon for some group observing - as mentioned first visit is free for you to see if you have fun and want to join the dark site group. Keep an eye on the Info and Announcements section "EMS Meets" board for the next meeting - especially at the weekends.


There's plenty of experienced folks here who can help you get going and we have a growing number of members from Melton (which is also my "home town"). Meantime enjoy the forum and any queries just pop up a thread in the beginners section. :)

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Hi Steve and welcome to EMS.


Looks like your'e off to a good start with a nice scope.


As mentioned, keep an eye on the announcements section, meets can be arranged and cancelled at short notice, mostly influenced by the weather.


Enjoy the forum.

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Guest Tweedledum

Hi and welcome to EMS. great scope too. If you have not already done so then download a planetarium program, one of the best is Stellarium and its free... can be foound here   http://www.stellarium.org/..


And also treat yourself to a copy of sky & telescope pocket star atlas. Its a great guide to the sky.



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Guest Ely Ellis

Hi Steve,


Welcome to EMS.


Nice scope, I have the Celestron version.

Since I did a little checking of optics and focuser recently, its turning out to be a great scope.

Hope you enjoy it.



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Hi. I joined the Nottingham Astronomical Society (http://nottinghamastro.org.uk/) they have a meeting once a month at the British Geological Survey site near Keyworth. I've not done any observing with them, but the talks are good and it's nice to meet real people. I think membership is £25 for a year, but you are allowed to go to the talks a few times before paying to see if it's for you. They've got a telescope and an observatory you can use too if you want. Drop them a line, or drop me a line if you want to go along.



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