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Yet another "Life on Mars" clue causes facepalm


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I'll post the link at the end of my rambling, just to ensure the highest possibility of you reading said rambling.


Whilst my musing of the interweb I came across a news article which in it's self is quite interesting. However what really got my attention are some of the comments left about it. It really does make me wish that we as a race did more to educate the masses as to what actually lies beyond our thin blue line and to understand what goes on out there. Having said that, one of the worst :facepalm: moments comes when somebody asks what other types of water there are other than liquid.... time for a double facepalm I believe. :facepalm: :facepalm:




I do wish some of the misguided folks would watch something like this:



And to those who say we shouldn't spend money on exploring:


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Guest Crifter

Love the types of water comment on that, epic facepalm!

People in this world truely baffle me sometimes.


As to the first video, tiss quite a good little lecture there. Her bit on the night sky in Arizona took me back to my days in Canada when we moved to Eliot Lake Ont. I was fortunate to be living there while Hale–Bopp passed us and it was'nt until it was in the news that I looked up and realised just how clear everything was up there. Funny the things you remeber on a certain cue.

Anyway, back to topic

:facepalm:  :facepalm:  :facepalm:

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It really surprises me how some people manage to get by from day to day being so ignorant. Oh well, at least it's blissful.

Also I really enjoyed those videos thanks.

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