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Hi from Beeston

Allan the Plumber

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Hi everone


Been on the Stargazers forum and see that there is a local group to my area so if ok with you guys i would like to join up


In the process of buy first proper scope and Mount ( have whittled down thanks to the helpful folks at SGL ) :D


a Skywatcher Explorer 200P-DS HEQ5 PRO mount want to do a bit of AP but mainly just observing at this time, budget restructions (wife)


Looking forward to picking a few brains as even though not new to astromony it is certain a minefield when buying kit


Allan :brr:

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Hi Allan


Welcome to asylum.  I think i gave my two penneth on that question.  On SGL i am Velvet from heanor :)


Good set of folks on here and friendly, a little smaller than SGL so cosier.



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Hi Allan, a warm welcome to EMS.


A good scope to get you going there, and should keep you very happy for a good while.

If you have any questions, fire away in the beginners section, and some one will be around shortly to give you some sort of answer.


You would be very welcome to come down one of our dark sites, we have two, one at Wymeswold and one at Belper. Keep an eye out on the information and announcements section, as it can be posted and cancelled at short notice. The first visit is free and then a bargain price of £20 a year, which goes towards the rent and so on for the sites.


Look forward to meeting you. 


Enjoy the forum.  :)

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welcome Allan from a near neighbour, i`m in Sandiacre, if you have any spare time your more than welcome to come over here and have a look at the kit i have and with any luck on a clear night a view of something, although the weather at the minute is so poor.

i know how hard the first choice of scope can be.

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To all thank you very much for such a warm welecome    :D I have to agree this forum does appear to be a little more freindly the SGL :o


Thank you for the invite to join you at one of your "Dark sky sites "


I will arange a visit as soon as I have the scope,  Thanks to a service on Van that did cost as much as I thought it might I will be buying the scope this weekend :wub:  :wub:


Can anyone advise on the best site to purchase it on?   front rummer at the moment is "First light optics"


And Rob, will hold you to that meet up if ok with you


Thanks again guys for very warm welcome


Allan :brr:

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Turns out if you were an astro chat member you got 5-10% discount but FLO stopped that back in 2011 due to the economic climate.


I would be shocked if they offered a discount any where else.

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do rother valley optics do a discount if your a member of astronomy shed ?

although i find there prices are not as good as First light optics, also opticstar are very good service.

Allan, i`ll be in all weekend in the day with nothing to do much if you fancy coming over for a natter and look, might be able to help with advice although i`m the one usually asking the questions L.O.L.

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Thanks for that Rob can i let you know as work sometimes can be a problem over weekend (self employed Plumber) oh yes Happy Birthday :D  for today just seen you're be celebrating today


What would be best way to check if you're still free over weekend???  if you get the Sandiacre and Stapleford connections magazine I'm in that "AYH Plumbing" contact mobile number etc  if that helps saves giving out personal details over forum


Not sure on forum protocol over this, so please forgive me if I done something wrong.... I'm new to this forum stuff :facepalm:




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