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ELAC Moonwatch

cosmic dave

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Mark had a good thought the other night. Anyone up for an extra meet to do a little lunar observing?


Below added 29/1/13


Moonwatch is an extra meeting organised by the East Lincolnshire Astronomy Club. The meeting will be on February 16th 2013 at 7pm and will be held at our usual meeting place Gibraltar point nature reserve nr Skegness, Lincolnshire. (March 23rd is our reserve date if cloudy)


This is a night dedicated to observing the Moon, we will have several telescopes set up on site for you to explore the wonders of the lunar surface.


As with all ELAC meetings there is no charge to attend but there is a £1car parking fee, please pay at the on site parking meter.


This meeting is open to anyone to attend from the complete beginner to experienced astronomers all are very welcome. please remember this is an outdoor event so don't forget to wrap up warm.

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Just to clarify, i only suggested this because the Moon is the thing most people notice in the night sky. Most of our meetings are arranged to coincide with the new Moon so when visitors do come there is seldom any Moon to be seen.

Looking at the Moon was one of my most memorable first glances through a telescope and does sometimes get a "wow" when viewed by others for the first time. If we were to arrange a Moon observing evening a few days after new Moon when there is a nice crescent visible, we could start early, catch Jupiter as it is very high up early evening now. And for those of us hardy enough, we could do our normal dso observing session later in the evening.

I am not suggesting we would want to do this all the time, but it would enable us to offer more to look at for new members.

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I'd like to go to either date. Away on the 9th in the sunny Falklands, so gutted to miss that meet. Plus, I haven't had a look at the moon yet through my scope.

Call in sick, lol

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Ok, so weather permitting, i will bring my 8 inch newt and also the dob. I will also bring the laptop and try to image Jupiter and go through the capture and process for anyone that may be interested.

So we can use the dob on the Moon and the Newt on Jupiter and anything else of interest that is out on that night.

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Yes I have one, can you remind me nearer the time and I'll bring it along?

Good old Ron, if he aint got it he has either had it before and sold it or he will have it at some point in the future. :lol:

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