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Controlling CGEMDX mount with Stellarium

Rock Doctor

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yet another dumb newbie question.


How do I go about connecting my pc to the mount so that I can control the mount using Stellarium or similar planitarium software?


Do I have to connect using a RS232 cable via the handset or do I use ( I think its a RJ11 cable) to plug from the laptop to the aux port (the guide port) or is there someway of connecting my pc via a Hitecastro mount hub pro presumably using a usb to RJ11 cable attached from the hub pro to the  aux  or handset ports?


Any help much appreciated :)


Also has anyone any experience of the SkyQ link wifi adapter and is this able via ascom drivers to be able to control the mount using the same software wirelessly?

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I am sure Stephen will know as i am not a geek.  All i know is i plug USB from PC to hib and connect other stuff via ISB into hub

and thats it.  Use CDC though, when everything decides to work :wacko:  But my mount is NEQ6.


You need a geek :D



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Yep - can be done easily two ways I know off Dave. I use the firmware upgrade cable along with a serial/usb converter cable via the handset. You can also do it via EQmod/EQdir add on device but I'm not familiar with that method. I don't think you use the Aux port though - that has another purpose that eludes me right now lol :)


(Have a word with Nadeem - he's done this with a CGem)

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Hi Dave

Your CGEM will run from your pc using Celestrons Nexremote software, usually it ships with the mount free, if nty you can download a trial off Celestron website. Use the pc lead that came with the mount to connect the moun tdirect to the pc without the handset. You can then control the scope direct from your mouse or cooler still get a supported wireless gamepad, (read the Nexremote help for a list of gamepads) then you can control the mount wirelessly.


OK now choose the virtual port in Nexremote to a port number that is free and not used. Now select in your planetarium software the telescope to that virtual port and select the Ascom drivers for your scope.


Thats it.


You can contol from either the Nexremote or the planetarium software, this is how I run my CGE using Skymap Pro.

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Guest Ely Ellis

Hi Dave,


Just in addition to Phil's info, I plug directly into the bottom of the handset and just set Stellarium up to use the Celestron NexStar driver. You then don't need to add any additional drivers (no messing with ASCOM), you just need a USB to serial addapter (if you don't have a serial port) and the standard programming/control cable.


I have played with NexRemote, but not had much success. Having the CG-5 mount, I don't have the luxury of an AUX port, so I have to use NexRemote via the hand set so its not really an advantage to me.

Oh, just a note about NexRemote, it is available to download from the Celestron site, but it is now a FREE download with serial number included. No longer trial software.

I did contact Celestron about this because I noticed that some vendors are still selling the software with cables for over £100, and they confirmed that it is FREE now.


Another utility I use is NexStar Observers List, again free from Celestron, this I find very useful as I can make up lists of what I want to look at and it will control the mount for me. It also gives lists of alignment stars, and you can easily control the mount to wherever you want.


If I just want to bum around the stars, I use Stellarium, but I use NexStar Observers List when on a mission.


Hope this helps



Edited by Ely Ellis
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