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Dung beetles guided by Milky Way


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They may be down in the dirt but it seems dung beetles also have their eyes on the stars.


Scientists have shown how the insects will use the Milky Way to orientate themselves as they roll their balls of muck along the ground.


Humans, birds and seals are all known to navigate by the stars. But this could be the first example of an insect doing so.


I now feel inferior to the dung beetle. :(

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Guest Crifter

I was reading this last night at work, quite impressive really. Looks like if theyre near anywhere with light polutuion they will be stumbling about in the dark light the rest of us...

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Yeah I was reading that last night too, I can't remember where though, I have Sky and Telescope, Sky at night, Space times, Sky news, Astronomy Encyclopedia, New Scientist,

Deep Space companions - The secret Deep, Astronomy magazine, Discover Magazine and Popular Science. I think it was in one of those. Lol.


It did make me smile, I thought hmmmm, what's that scraping noise at the bottom of the barrel....

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