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Big Garden Birdwatch today! (RSPB)


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If you have a spare hour today, count how many and what kinds of birds you get in your garden in an hour.

It's an RSPB event and your can submit your list online over the next 2 weeks.

Best times are before lunch and after 2pm, most birds have a 'siesta' for preening etc 12-2pm (roughly!)

I would be interested in any unusual sitings as well please?

Good look and fill those feeders!!


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Wife has been doing this for a few years and has just filled up the numerous feeders, got her coffee and sat down to view. Hopefully get more than just sparrows and blackbirds.



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Living in the city and having about 10 square feet of "yard" the most I see is the occasional blackbird/pigeon/crow. They sit in tip of TV aerials due to the heavy cat presence :) Not much to see for me-can't wait until I get a house with a nice garden

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Between the hours of 14.00 and 15.00


Great Tit

Blue Tit x3

Black Cap  M/F

Starling x4



Collared Dove x2

Black headed Gull

Greenfinch x4

Chaffinch x3

Goldfinch x4

Fieldfare x2

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