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Hi everyone from Shepshed! :)

Guest spellsgirl

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Guest spellsgirl

Hi all, I'm new to astronomy having got a telescope for xmas, and all I can seem to find in the viewfinder is the moon! Does anyone else find it difficult to focus on the smaller objects or is it me being a daft blonde?


My name is Katie, btw, I'm 33 and married with a ten year old son. I'm an accountant and currently studying for my Masters so very busy!


Hope to hear from you all soon :)

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Hello Katie,


We were all new once and like many hobbies there is so much to learn.


You have came to the right forum, we are a friendly bunch who meet up when the weather permits. There is also a vast range of experience on the forum so ask any questions you like and I'm sure someone will help.


Beginners often make the mistake of trying to focus to quick, and by doing so miss the sweet spot, which sounds like you are doing. Also you must align the finder with your scope first or you will not find anything.


What scope do you have?



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Hi Katie, a warm welcome to EMS.


I suspect your finder might not be aligned with the main scope. Let us know what you have and we will see if we can get you pointed in the right direction.


In the meantime enjoy the forums.

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Guest spellsgirl

Thank you all for the warm welcome!


I am unsure of the type of scope, it was a Jessops one, and I think the mirror is 4.5"; I'll have a look to see if there are any identifying numbers on it.


Yes I probably am trying to focus too fast, I am probably a bit ham-fisted with it! Newbies eh? :)



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Hi Katie.


That's a good scope to be going on with. You may not be focusing it correctly, or the finder is more than likely out of alignment with the main tube, or there may be collimating issues with it. These easy fix's, that is once you know how to do them.

Use the eyepiece that has the largest number on it, more likely as not 25mm. This will give you a wide field to view and should make finding something in the scope a bit easier.


In day light, select a distant object, at least 500m away, such as a chimney, pylon, street light, you get the gist. Find it with the scope, and then tweak the finder so that is lined up with the same view the  scope has. This should now make finding what you are looking for a bit easier. Have a go at the moon, it should make a good first target, and give you a good look at the craters and so on.

If this is good, try any other eyepieces that may have come with it.

If this doesn't work, put a thread up in the beginners help section. This is so folk can see you have a question as this is a bit hidden in here.


Best of luck.

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