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Hb filter, when and why?


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I understand the idea of using a H alpha filter for luinence etc, but when and why use a H beta? What sort of image does it produce? And what could that data be used for if not part of a full NB component image.

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Guest Kheldar

You would use it in exactly the same way, but in place of Ha.


There are very few Hb targets though ... horsey and umm ... that's about all I know :) Mine won't even be taken out of it's case (came in a set) it's going to get that little use :)

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I have a visual lumicon h beta and they call it the horsehead filter. There arent many targets for hb only but I find it enhances emmission nebula, whether an imaging onevwould do the same im not sure but its alot of cash to spend for something that wouldnt get much use. O111 has more targets, planetary etc, also take a look at some of the false colour images done with ha, o111 and s11 very effective

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