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Light Polution Filters.

Daz Type-R

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Living 7 miles north of Nottingham and only having a east to west through south view of the sky does mean I have to put up with quite a bit LP.


Looking to get a LP filter, upon checking FLO's website I see they have 2, see below....


Baader 2" LP filter - £85 - :o




Sky Watcher 2" LP filter - £27.




If I was to go with the Baader LP filter, what would the extra £58 get me?

Are LP filters any good?

Would the Sky Watcher one suffice for me since I am into visual observations only?

Is the view noticeably better?

Are there any others out there that are better / will do a better job etc?


Cheers all.

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Hi Darren,

I have the 2 inch Baader Neodymium moon & skyglow filter. I have used it quite a bit. Is better on brighter objects like moon and M42 when I view from city location-definitely darkens the background and improves contrast of the brighter objects being looked at. I have used it also from the in-laws garden which is considerably darker than my yard and on M42 when I used the filter and averted vision I could make out the division of M43. I use it quite a lot when I look at the full moon. I like it very much.

I haven't used any other LP filter I'm afraid so can't comment on differences. You're welcome to have a shifty through it at the next meet if you like.

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Cheers Felix, good info there, I think I`m sold on the 2 inch Baader Neodymium moon & sky glow filter all ready. :lol:


Will wait and see if I get any comparison reports from others before I blow the cash on the expensive one.


Thanks matey.

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Guest Kheldar

Baader and Skywatcher are all but identical, a few threads on SGL about this - it's not worth the price difference :)


Hutech IDAS is best of the best, but will hurt your pocket


It all comes down to the local LP though, sometimes it just don't help :(

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Nice one, cheers Stephen - think I will go for the cheapo one then, if it may not make much difference and they are the same seems daft to spend the extra.


So basically then the difference is with the Baader it will reduce moon glare as well?

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I'd forgotten :facepalm:


Here's one of the threads I was thinking of Daz




That is a very good comparison - I`m sold, Sky Watcher one for me, will then get a separate moon filter if and when the mood takes me.


Thanks for the help guys.



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