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2" Diagonal recommendations


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Williams Optics Dielectric. I have one and it quite an improvement overview the std skywatcher on I had. Also very robust and well made :) I'm sure other will get recommended also

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I use the WO 2" CF diag and the 2" Celestron XLT - both very good and an absolute bargain second hand. I'm sure the Meade 5000 one is good too if their eyepieces are anything to go by (plus Phil uses it and he doesn't use naff stuff lol). Can't really go wrong with any of those three. :)

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Ive done side by sides on the WO the Meade and the Celestron because I have all 3 and cant tell the difference optically so IMHO youd be good with any. However


The WO is a bit snazzier with carbon fibre but has a crap recess in the barrel which means it wont clamp properly and wobbles when clamped.


The Meade is nice and snazzy too with metallic blue side panels, cool


The Celestron is butch black all over but has a tight 2" ep clamp which dont want to take eyepieces without a fight and wont let them go readily either


My favourite out of all is the Meade because it just works and it doesnt have any niggles

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