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Could EMS have our very own satalite?


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What would you do with your own private satellite? If you
haven't decided, you should. PhoneSat -- a
project overseen by Nasa's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley
-- wants to lower the cost of building space satellites to the
point where anyone with space ambitions could launch one.


An interesting prospect. Just for kicks and giggles, what would you like the EMS Sat. to be used for??

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Guest Kheldar

I can imagine countless people of certain stereotypes asking to keep track of their 15 children and be notified as soon as little green men are found on the moon :facepalm:


Can I get a timeshare on that proposal? I've only got two to keep an eye on :D

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I'd put this mind control thnig I've seen on the internet on it and brain wash cats from orbit and program them to be secret ninja cat asassines and get them to spy on people and watch them and they'd have special cat collars that could beam rays at people so they could fix people with their special ninja cat stir and then program the people too and everyone would have to do what I wanted from my orbiting space palace surrounded by my cat minions.


Just my opinion, feel free to disagree, if you can, hahahahahahahahhagh.

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Noels OD'ed on catnip again.

It's not good for you,  you know.

Bloody funny though, but Iam getting paranoid now that Jake is staring at me. Is he practicing the stare of the nine lives?


Only time will tell......good stuff this catnip.

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