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The unboxing of my 250p ds


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So i'm a lucky boy. My new toy arrived today.Yippee.


So here are some pictures.


The box it arrived in. It had a hole in the primary mirror end so I was a bit worried, but it wasnt a problem fortunately.



Open box with the accessory boxes



the accessories. 28mm EP finder scope and tools for assembly. (only needed the allen key for collimation)



instuctions (absolutely useless) and brosure for other skywatcher stuff (not sure whats the deal with the chief in the hoodie)



OTA out of the box. came with thin foam sheet under the tub rings.



OTA without foam sheet



Set up on my mount and lovely custom tripod



Oh and my baader hyperion 8mm EP



first impressions of this scope are very good. The dual speed focuser works really nicely with no flex I can see or feel. The bore where you put the EP was a little bit loose, but it is threaded so I just tightened it up.


The finder scope holder i initially thought was useless as when you put the scope in the front  of it flopped about like a dogs tongue, but apparently the little rubber ring that was just loose in the finder box fits around the scope to stop this. (useless instructions)


The 28mm EP that comes with the scope comes in 2" format with a dust cover over the bottom but nothingover the top so it will get a bit dusty. the rubber eyecup can be rotated up to however you feel more comfortable with.


there is a 2" - 1.25" adapter supplied which i can only describe as crap. which is a shame as its about the only problem i've really found.

it slops about in the focuser tube by about 1mm difference in diameter and for some reason it sticks out buy about  2", so i'm not sure what that will do for foucusing with 1.25" EP's


the tube ring dovetail bar is 45mm which I believe is a vixen/synta style. slightly annoyingly the bolts that hold it to the rings stick out from the bottom of the bar so i found it a bit tricky to attach it to my mount as it is quite a heavy OTA. 14.9kg according to my scales and the box it came in (said 15kg). But i'm sure i can mod that easy enough.


the paint finish on the OTA is very nie and looks good i think with my carbon tripod :D (if i may say so myself)


Overall i'm very impressed with this OTA. The collimation wasnt far off out of the box, and i got it as good as I can using the 1.25" adapter. It is a very impressive looking bit of kit with some very nice feature and a massive apperture all for just £409. Slightly sad with the 2" - 1.25" reducer but its only a very slight quibble.


finally. I need to give it a name. so if you like give me some suggestions. :)


Now all I need is clear skies (like thats going to happen) so appologies for the next few weeks of clouds :D

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Congratulations Tobias! That looks awesome with your tripod. You're gonna have a great time tomorrow night! Weather looks to e clear for most tomorrow so get out there and get bagging those Messier objects!

Beautiful setup you've got there the large aperture will show you a lot of objects :)

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