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Had the 150 scope cooling out the back, set up and looked at Jupiter. Hmm....can't focus. Rather dodgy odd shape to the image. Tried other eyepieces but still the same, like looking through perspex with odd lines spiking off all over the orb of Jupiter. Checked eyepieces are ok, no dirt/smudges etc.....mirror looked ok no cracks.....stil can't focus......scratches head.. :wacko: ...tried very fine focussing....nope nothing I tried worked. Thought maybe it needs collimating so took it off the mount bought it inside and set up the laser collimator.....then I saw *IT* :blink: The biggest frikken spider crawled out the focus tube....EEEK. It must have crawled in when the scope was cooling. What other weird things have you found in your scopes?

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I haaaate spiders.

The cat. I was cleaning the primary and lay the OTA on its side whilst I went to get a screw driver. When I got back I saw a tail just disappearing down the tube.

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