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Stellarium Version 12.0 Released

Guest Tweedledum

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The Stellarium development team is proud to announce the release of version 0.12.0 of Stellarium.

This release brings some interesting new features:

- New rendering engine (Now you can see shadows on planets surfaces).

- New key-binding engine (Now all key-bindings can be edited).

- Improvements to scripting engine.

- Improvements to DSO.

- Improvements to search tool.

- Improved accuracy for archaeo-astronomical events.

There have also been a large number of bug fixes and GUI improvements. A huge thanks to all community bug reporters.

We are strongly recommended resetting all Stellarium settings if you upgrade your previous installation!

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Hi Dave,

Windows Xl a new one on me! Assume its XP!. If you download the 32 bit version you should be fine.

Lol I was half asleep, Yeah that's what I mean. Thanks

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I'm struggling to install Stellarium in LinuxMint.

I have tried to follow the instructions on the Stellarium website.

The thing that is stopping me is where to find a Personal Package Archive and what to do with it.

These things are mentioned in the instructions but there is no elaboration.

Perhaps someone knows about this and can advise me.


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Guest Ely Ellis

Got it the other day, used it last night.


Noticed the info text at the top left is in a different font, a bit easier to read for me.

Also noticed a small angle thing, for measuring, don't remember that being there before, could come in handy though.


I will eventually wade through it, see what other things have improved.


Oh, using it on Win7, no problems.



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The angle thing is very useful but has been available in previous versions - if you enabled it. I think the version 12 one goes an extra few decimal places of accuracy though. Object searching facilities seem to be slightly improved. As Daz pointed out, the shadows on planet surfaces will be interesting.

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