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New boy here

Guest Scram

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Hello everyone.


I'm not a star gazer yet but my son is and some of you on here have been praising his handywork in making a tripod for his new scope.  Chip off the old block, I'm very proud of  :)


I will be able to participte in this hobby when Toby lets me have his old scope. This is something that has been tickling my curiosity for many years.  Give me something better to do when I wake in the middle of the night and it's too difficult to fly my models  :facepalm:




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Hi Jerome, a warm welcome to EMS.


Tobias has well and truly amazed us all with his engineering talents, that tripod is gorgeous.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away.

Enjoy the forum.

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 Thanks further.


Hi and welcome!


Does this mean he's on his best behaviour now? :D


I trust so and see on here considerable politeness  :)


Hello and welcome to EMS.


I hope you bartered the price down a bit?




Didn't have to.  He's "giving it to me"  ;)


Anyone watch Great British Railway Journeys with Micheal Portillo tonight?  The preview for tomorrow's programme seemed to show a very large and old telescope  :huh:


I may be wrong, 'twas only a quick glimpse.................

Edited by Scram
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Well, the Celestron AstroMaster 130 arrived today c/o Toby, because the weather was too foul for my planned R/C model glider competition at Long Mynd.


So now to find out (when the sky clears) how this scope works.


Toby has made lots of improvements to the mount system (probably discussed on here) so I need to learn the pro's and con's of the German system.


Start with the instructions I guess  :D

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Congrats on the new scope Jerome.

Have a good go with it in daylight, so you are really familiar on how it works. This will save you no end of frustration when it's dark.


Line the finder up in the daylight as well, something a good distance away, such as a chimney, aerial or a pylon etc. Get the object in your scope first  (use a low power eyepiece such as a 25mm) and then tweak the finder until they both are looking at the same thing.


Any questions ask away!

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