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Hello to everyone on EMS !

This is the first time I've joined a forum so I'm a newbie on both accounts !

I always wanted a telescope when I was in my teens but thought i wouldn't see much , so never bothered .

Last year a friend from work was selling a scope for £35 and I thought what the hell it's only £35 , so I took it of his hands .

The moon was high in the sky so the scope came out and wow !

That was it , I had to get a better scope and with my 40th b/day coming i decided on a skywatcher 102 goto .

What a eye opener it was to be viewing the night sky , seeing Jupiter and it's moons but what really got me was seeing the Andromeda galaxy , what a beautiful site to see .

After seeing that I wanted to see more wonders of the night sky and became hooked and always looked forward to clear skies . It's been nearly six months now and now I have a celestron nexstar 8se which I can't wait to start using .

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This hobby is so addictive, and it is also so true when they say aperture is king, you simply want to see more, it's human nature.


Welcome to EMS Nuttyboy, if you have any questions just ask and we will try and help.

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Hi Neil and a warm welcome to EMS. :)


The 8SE is a very nice scope - you'd be most welcome to join us at the next observing session for some "group astronomy" - they're usually well attended and it's amazing the extra stuff you learn when doing it in a crowd.


Keep an eye on the Info and Announcements section for EMS Meets. Meantime I hope you enjoy the forum :)

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Hi Neil, welcome to EMS.


Nice scope! It should keep you busy for a good while.

As Kim mentioned, feel free to pop along and join in with an observing session. Any questions, please feel free to ask away.

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Hi and welcome from Beeston :lol:

Im a newbie too got my first proper mount and scope  arrived Monday still in the process of setting up


Will the skys ever clear :angry:


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welcome to the forum Neil, and another stargazer close to you, i`m in Sandiacre,

i too have the 8" se scope but i`ve now got it on a HEQ5 mount, wouldn`t sell it for anything, well except for a 9.25" sct.

must resist !!!!

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Thank you for the welcome from everyone , sorry i haven't been on the site since i joined up , I've been on nights this week and missed out on a clear night on Wednesday (wasn't happy at work that night)

Rushed home to set up scope and align it for the first time ! Well impressed with my new c 8 se !

I hope to pop along to the meet sometime , thanks for the invite .

Cheers everyone !

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