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image stacking with a time lapse movie.

Guest Mu11ett

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Guest Mu11ett

Hi all here's a challenge for you all


I have just gotten myself a GO-Pro Hero 3 Black.....they're all the rage at the moment !!!


I have set myself a challenge of doing time lapse with it...infact it's outside clicking away every 5 seconds as I type this. we have clear sky's over Melton tonight so bingo !!!


my question is this..... Is there a bit of software out there that can stack the images taken from a time lapse video???


A time lapse being built up of a collection of individual images but put together in camera as a video??


I have tried "google" but as yet have failed..


Any help would be appreciated 


Many thanks and hopefully you all don't get to cold out there this eveing


happy viewing


" Manny "


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Guest Mu11ett

damn thats something i never checked before setting it up. I worked til 9pm tonight so was super keen to get shooting with it ....... case of RTFM strikes again.


Thanks for that Eddy_J1 lol


do I stop it or carry on for now .... sod it I'll read the manual and let it run the battery down 






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Eddy is right re the auto iso adjustment of the GoPro. I had the GoPro one and two for use when skydiving and have sold both on now to find the GoPro 3 black when the season starts again. James Dawson on here makes time lapse videos out of single images he is worth talking to. He sent me a great little time lapse vid of the stars from his garden the other night.

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