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Bins session whilst imaging, 06Feb13


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Observing  06Feb13 from home

2200ut    20x80 skymaster bins.

Nice open
cluster, counted 20+ stars, 6 bright mag5 stars amongst it.

M46  Easily found,
beautiful cluster, too many stars to count. Quite large, but no signs of the
planetary nebula that lies within.

Kembles Cascade Easily found again, what a cracking
sight, so obvious in the bins, bright star half way along and cluster at the

M45  Can’t help but
look at it when I get the bins out, it stands out against the background stars
very well.

M66  Managed to
find one of the Leo galaxy triplets, on consulting stellarium I suspect it is
M66, by moving the bins around very slightly it was obvious out of the corner
of my eye.

M36 & M38 
Love these clusters in Auriga, managed to get both clusters in the same
field of view.

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Great report Andy. I keep reading these big binocular observing reports and it just makes me even more keen to get some as a grab n go set up and use both eyes for a change. I do like low power rich field observing. My kit takes an age to setup and strip down.

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Guest Ely Ellis

Excellent evening.

I think I will have to sneak a pair of bins in. Kembles Cascade one of my favourites, but don't have anything suitable to view it.

Scope FOV far too narrow, camera lens far too wide. I need a Goldilocks pair.



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In the 10" F4, I can get three quarters of Kembles Cascade with the 23mm Axiom. 1.9 degree field!! It makes a lovely sight with the extra light grasp. With a 31mm Nag or a 25mm ES 100 I'd just about squeeze it all in end to end - after the Lottery win :D .

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Guest Ely Ellis

I tried with my 120mm x 1000m refractor to take it in section and join them together. It sort of worked but just seem to loose the colour. I took a previous widefield with my camera and 80mm lens, when zoomed into the image, the colour was there, but at that zoom level it lost the resolution.


I have my son's 76mm x 300mm reflector, maybe I will see what that gives me on the next clear night... .if I remember.



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Kembles Cascade is a lovely sight, which is overlooked by a many people, as is the dim constellation of Camelopardalis.


Your sons little reflector should give a great view of it Martin.


I liked your stitched image and the colour image of it.

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