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Ron Clarke

ELAC meeting etiquette

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Ron Clarke


When you attend an ELAC meeting/star party, consider these few simple steps to help everyone enjoy the event.

Come Prepared

The site is within a mile of the sea so make sure you dress warmly and if coming alone, make a thermos of tea and bring some snacks for sharing .


Flashlights - Remember to bring a red light ONLY! If you plan on wandering around the site and arrive before dark so you can familiarise yourself with the site.


Car- If it is clear and you arrive after dark, consider others when parking your car in the main car park using  dipped headlights only if possible, and not directly at other telescope users. If your car is parked on the car park, try and switch off any lights that may come on; for example, interior lights or indicators when locking/unlocking your car.


Smokers- Please be careful when lighting up. Shielding the lighter flame is best; it’s amazing how bright lighter flames are and this will ruin dark adaption of those around you.


Toilets- The toilets are to the rear of the Nature reserve shop/cafe.


Rubbish- The site is of scientific interest so please use the bins provided in the car park area.


Laser pointers- These are discouraged from use on the observing fields.  Due to the amount of people in attendance, they present a danger and risk of causing blindness through careless use.  They may even interfere with ‘astro-imagers’ nearby.


Children- Are more than welcome to attend but need to be supervised at all times, to avoid damaging the expensive equipment setup on the field.


Computers - Please can these be shielded from those trying to observe.  Try placing a box around the screen so as to minimise the light finding its way to other observers.  It’s amazing how bright a computer screen is at night and it can seriously hamper visual observers’ enjoyment of the event.

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