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Astrofest 2013 photos

red dwalf

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just a couple of images from the show,

first is the new Celestron vx mount which looks really nice and has some good features, no price on it yet though but if it`s anywhere near the £600 mark it should do well, plus i hope they have fixed the fast slewing motors noise issue.

second is a £46,000 scope and mount with you guys out there with more money than you know what to do with might like.

and a few refractors i thought Philj would appreciate.

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Last year they had on of their 6" F15 refractors there. I think i've got a picture of it somewhere.

Also did you take a look at the new Skywatcher EQ-8 mount on the Optical Vision stand ?


Attend any lectures on Saturday ? I see Brian Cox was there.....

I only went to number 3 & 4 on the Friday morning : they were both excellent.

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I quite liked the red one Phil, looked very posh, maybe it's the boy racer in me l.o.l.

Would you believe that everything I wanted was either sold out of or couldn't find at the show, Nick I.e. geezanova bought a few nice bits though, had a chat with ian and nick on the Altair astro stand, they had one of there steel piers on show which looked great and very tempting

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he`s still around Kim, he`s booked in to the autumn kelling meet and he might come along to the sgl8 meet, plus he said he would be along to the next ems meet at the new premises

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Glad I didn't go - would've spent far too much - like a kid in a sweet shop lol.  It's a bit like Bullseye for me - "look at What You Could've Won" lol.


Good pics Rob :)

I dread to think how much money I will have to spend

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