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US amateurs


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During these recent snowy, freezing, miserable cloudy nights, I have been looking at various US amateur astronomers deep sky websites and forums.


There are people out there using 48 inch dobs at dark sky sites with naked eye limiting magnitudes of up to mag 7.8 !!!


They make visual observing reports on Hannys Voorwerp and gravitationally lensed galaxies, and often wearing just a T-shirt!!


Does this make anyone else feel like either packing it all in or emigrating?


Anyway, I'm still looking forward to another good chilly night at Belper soon with the Orion Nebula and Double Cluster :thumbsup: .


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they are all wusses there...not hardened astronomers like what we are :lol:




Just got an image of you with a thick fur coat, sitting on a sled, with your snow dogs pulling you across the arctic snow at -20 degrees. Aurora shimmering in the background :lol: .



Naaa.... they're just making up names of stuff that doesn't exist to make us jealous here in the UK lol :)


Oh, that's good, we're not missing much at Belper then  :) .

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