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Hello from Nottingham


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I joined this forum last year and didn't really post anything then. I don't know if I introduced myself at the time but as I'm starting to use this forum now I thought I'd better say hi.

I have been interested in space and science since I was about 4 years old and got into astronomy in 1988 when I saw the Mars opposition at Sherwood Observatory through their 24" telescope.

I served on their committee for a few years but took a more back seat role a few years ago.

I have had a couple of 4" refractors over the years and have dipped my toe in the world of DSLR imaging, something I'd like to try more of.

I'm committing myself to a 12" dob to try to do some dark site visual work so I hope to meet up with some of you guys in the future at Belper or wherever.

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Hi Angus welcome to EMS.


Join the darksite members section and  have access to our two dark sites all for the paltry sum of £20 per year. We meet when it's clear which I know doesn't occur very much nowadays at our sites in Belper and Wymeswold.

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Hi Angus, a warm welcome to EMS.


You would be very welcome to join us at one of the dark sites. You will love the Dob, they really do perform well under a dark sky.


I look forward to meeting you sometime.


Enjoy the forum.  :)

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Hi Angus and a warm welcome to EMS :)


As above - it would be great to meet you at one of our dark sites. Do drop down for a free first visit and see what you think. Bring a scope by all means or just come and have a look through ours.


Several of us have 12" 'ers, and there's a range of fracs, Sct's, Maks, and antiques. Keep your eye on Info and Announcements for EMS Meets - they can be arranged (or cancelled) at very short notice depending on weather. Meantime enjoy the forum :)

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