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Best local retailer

Guest TonyD

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I'll be honest with you, and say that you would be better off coming and having a look at what the members have, at one of the meets. This would give you a chance to look through some scopes, and see what would suit you for your needs and budget.

The local shops are a trek to get to, and last time I went to RVO, they were fairly sparse on display scopes. (Just before Xmas.)


I have had good service from FLO, 




and 365 Astronomy.




Other retailers are of course available!

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Hello. I'm in derby to and have that same problem. There isn't anywhere near that has a good display of different types of scopes.

I usually put into google images the scope you are looking for and most of the time you get proper pictures of the scopes mounts etc set up so you can get a better feel for its size etc than you can with the standard white background pics on websites.

But your best bet is to come along to a meet to get a look at other peoples scopes.

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Meets wise is a bit tricky at the moment as all the snow and rain we have had, has completely soaked the ground. Most people are back garden based until the ground improves. Then if the weather improves, on a clear weekend they are either Friday or Saturday nights.

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