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Star trails


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I'm in the process of processing a star trail I did last night. I'll post it when done.


Sometimes the background sky looks very blue, other times black, and this one looks deep deep red / grey.


I don't do any image manipulation in photoshop or the like, but why the variance in colour? Is this me changing the camera settings, or is it just atmospheric variations?






Edit - I'm not sure how to attach images from my gallery here, but the current one and the previous ones are there.

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It's likely to be a combination of factors including high level thin cloud, the phase of the moon, different exposure lengths and so on. If you open up an image in photoshop and open up levels adjustment, then click the eyedropper icon for the grey point. Go to an area of the sky where you are certain there is not much going on in the way of nebulosity and click it should bring all the levels to around the right place to balance the colour for you. It's not cheating so don't be afraid to play with levels etc.

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