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what to look for

Guest netspy7

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Hi Paul. What scope have you got? The moon is in an interesting state of it's phases, Jupiter is nice and high up too, as too is the Orion Nebula, all easy targets at this time of year.

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Hi Paul.

I don't know if you have it yet, but Stellarium is a great free program, it is able to let you see what is about, even if it's cloudy.




Not knowing what scope you have, as Mike suggested, Jupiter is a great target, and easy to find, it's dead bright and south. Even with a small scope you will be able to see the four  Galilean moons, and maybe some cloud detail.

If you look slightly up and to the right of Jupiter, you will see a fuzzy patch. This is a star cluster called the Pleiades and will look good even through binoculars.


There is also the Great Nebula in Orion. This a distinct constellation lower down and to the left of Jupiter. You will see a line of three stars all in a line  with two above and two below them. These are all bright stars, and make a sort of lop sided butterfly shape.

If you follow a line down from the three belt stars, you will see three fainter stars, dropping down in a line away from the belt. The middle of these is the nebula, M42.


I would recommend the "Sky and Telescope Pocket star Atlas" It's a reasonable price, and is really detailed for such a small book. Most of us on here have a copy.



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Guest netspy7

Hi guys I have a skywatcher  refractor 70mm on a az goto mount with laptop hooked up

And also a french 114/900 firstline reflector on a eq3 mount but have not used this yet .

Ill get gazing at your recommendations and post my results


Cheers guys 

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Guest netspy7

Hi guys done all above tonight apart from M31 as this was behind a tree (anyone know the laws about cutting down huge old trees) lol.

Also need to do double cluster next time im out. thanks for all advice and really enjoyed tonights veiwing may go out again later if clouds clear

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Oh Yeah! I think there are a few members who are partial to a beverage that is brewed a little longer.

Iam a bit spoilt as we have a great local pub, the Gate at Awesworth, this only sells real ale.

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Guest netspy7

Sounds like a proper pub lol.Have you ever tried home brew real ale i make 50 pints at a time its real nice.

Anyhows back to the gazing i attached my reflector 114/900 to the synscan and gave it a wirl with the sky tour this was what the tour showed me.


M44 Behive Cluster  (very good)

M31 Andromeda Galaxy (just a blurr in the orange haze of light pollution)

M42 Orion Nebula (very good)

NG2264 Christmas tree (good)

M33 Pinwheel Galaxy (got confused by name pinwheel could have been looking in wrong place)

M41 (was on horizon and part coverd by neighbours roof also light pollution)

NGC869 Double Cluster (very good)

M39 (good)

M45 Pleiades (got to be my favourite to date)


So to sum it up very happy with synscan goto its very good once setup

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