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Observing report Sawley 14.01.2012


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Arrived at Sawley about 18.30 and started setting up my William Optics GT-81 Triplet. I had sme great help from Ibbo who told me how to polar align quick and this was to orientate the counterweight bar with Kocab and it worked really well. Done my alignmemts on Vega and Aldebaran and I was ready to go.

Looked at all the normal objects such as M35, M37, M42, M45, M81, M82, M31, M1, M33 to name a few.

We struggled a bit on Ngc 7331 and Ngc 2392. But was very surprised to see M78 very clear indeed, could easily see the two embedded stars and a lovely nebulosity surrounding them.

We then moved onto double stars, we split the Trapezium into 5 with my inserted 4mm Ortho and when I inserted Ibbo's 2.8mm giving me x142 mag we could just see the sixth star pop out.

I usually keep detailed records of what I see but tonight I didn't but we looked at numerous double stars and even a lovely triplet in Cancer called Iota Cancri, that once again with Steve's 2.8 eyepiece we split to three stars the smallest seperation being 1.3".

Finished off on Jupiter and saw the GRS and a couple of barges.

By now the dew had turned ti ice and the viewing was getting awful so I called it a night.

All in all a wonderful night and the double star bug has bit again and cannot wait for the next meet.

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Sounds like you had a good un Mick nice to see that you got out under the stars again. Its surprising just what can be pulled in with an 80mm, I love my Towa 80mm even at F15 it still pulls loads in.


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