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My first Lunar Images


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Equipment; 200P, NEQ6 Pro, Philips SPC900NC with IR/UV cut filter and TV 2x 2 inch Powermate. Hope you like them, any advice apreciated. These were all taken from my city centre, light polluted back yard.

So I thought I would try and have a crack at the moon but I was mortified to discover that there is a spec of dust on the chip of my webcam! It didn't show when I was imaging jupiter but against the moon it sticks out like a sore thumb :( so to get at least something of the moon I hit tha part of the sensor in the shdows of craters or mountain ridges and went for it anyway. I can clearly see the speck o the sensor when I look at it in the light-any suggestion sfor getting it off woule be welcomed.


Anyway the moon shots did not got that weel as I had real trouble ficusing as there was a lot of hazy cloud, it was like looking at the moon underwater!

Taken in sharpcap and stacked in registax 5.1 Best 95% of 1500 frames on each.


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Thanks pat :) Was hard as had to try to hide the sod of dust on the camera chip in the shadows of the craters! I nee I figure out how to get that spec off the sensor so I can image some brighter parts of he moon without the horrible black spec in the middle of the frame :(

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great effort felix,

some advice on getting rid of the dust, firstly a little baader wonder fluid on a cotton wool bud, remove the adapter and gently clean the lens.

another way is to open i.e. strip the camera and you`ll be able to clean it alot easier, it might sound alittle excessive but it is very easy to do, only need a craft knife and a small philips screw driver, once taken apart you can get full access to the chip.

it is very easy to do and only takes 5 minutes.

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