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northern lights

cosmic dave

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I was reading the other day that now the suns is well on the way to maximum activity again its quite possible to see the northern lights as far south as Lincolnshire ! has anyone ever seen them ? (not necessarily from Lincs)

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They were partially visible from Kelling last year - unfortunately it happened the day after we left and I read reports about it when I got home. Woulda liked to have seen that :)

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First time I saw them was at the place the Equinox star party used to be -just outside Thetford

see here


I also did a few of the Northeren Lights Flights as an expert (don't laugh)go down this page a bit


Not been to above the Arctic Circle but my recomendation is to go somewhere likeTromso or Canada to get great views

but don't do a Joanna Lumely and go when the moons around!

Missed 2 of the best displays in the last 40 years one I was in London and the second was even worse as I was outside working on nights and the lights we were working under were worse than being in London

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Guest wisewoman

Historically, the Aurora Borealis have been known as far as Gibraltar I think!

Was hoping for clear skies tonight as we ahd a big M class flare yesterday but its blinking cloudy! Will be popping outside at regular intervald this evening hoping for a clearing and that they willcome this far south!

One day...


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