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great night with EQMOD

red dwalf

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another reasonably clear night, set up at 7pm, and i think i`ve finally got the hang of EQ mod !

first did a quick polar alignment, and it was quick, as some of you know i always struggle with it but finally i think i`ve cracked it, plugged in the computer and started EQ mod and Stellarium firstly checking all the settings are the same i.e. longitude and latitude ect, clicked on M42 in Stellarium and crossed my fingers and it went stright to it, YAY ME !

now seems so simple, no need for star alignments anymore, went on to Jupiter for some webcam shots, lets see how they come out later.

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did some comparison shots using WX astrocapture and Sharpcap to see which one is best, also changing the settings from yuy2 to i420,

did a couple of quick stacks in registax om each but look very simular.

will do a proper job tonight as we have the mother in law over later so i have plenty of time on my hands.

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