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Skywatcher AZ=EQ6 Fully loaded (nearly !)


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Hi Guys.

In this afternoons sunshine, i had a practise session with the new mount, 

using both my scopes, in EQ & ALT-AZ modes, checking balancing etc, and also how the mount would cope with 17+ Kg loaded on to it.

Here's a few images.....






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........sorry if some of the images are a bit small. I took them on the phone, and it would appear (due somewhat to my Neanderthal IT skills) that i made a bit of a hash of uploading them.


Anyway, i'm happy with the mount so far. There's quite a lot of weight on it with both scopes + eyepieces, diagonals, finders etc. It won't be far off 20Kg.

I balanced the 'Dec' axis, and them released the 'RA' clutch, and moved the scopes through a full 360 deg (in Alt-Az mode). Everything felt smooth.

One thing i like is it's easy set-up in Alt-Az. In effect the lighter C8 tube becomes the counterweight, and i simply extend or retract the counterweight bar to achieve balance. Easy.

The potential problem however, is there's no way of adjusting azimuth so both scopes are pointing exactly at the same thing.


I now need to get everything sussed out so i can use it properly ( In both modes )

I know they'll be problems to overcome ; i struggle a bit with mounts and find them hard work to be honest.

Practice makes perfect, and i've learnt quite a bit watching 'Astronomy Shed' video's which are excellent.

Compared to my old CGEM the motors in the AZ-EQ6 are lovely and quiet......i don't think i'll be keeping the missus awake anyway  ;)

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Great kit there, love the WO 132 :) Looks as though you have quite nice skies where you live too


I am new to EQ mounts and have found the step from dob to EQ difficult but I too have been watching alot of Dion's videos on Astronomy Shed :)

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Dion is the man ! He was at Astrofest, but I never got chance to talk to him as he was 'surrounded' !

Lovely day today here in Derby.....however it's very foggy now....no chance of any observing. Regarding my 'sky's......well appearances can be deceptive I'm afraid to say. The light pollution here is terrible.....it looks very similar to the 'orange sky' scene on the EMS homepage.

Thanks for all your nice comments guys anyway...hope to get up to Belper soon for some astronomy.

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Hi Pat

The quoted loadings for the AZ-EQ6 are 25kg for visual & 18kg for imaging.

In dual setup mode in ALT-AZ my scopes will weigh in at 18-20Kg tops, and this is for visual only use of course.

Although i'm interested in imaging, i haven't really done any yet. When i get there i'll only be using one scope in EQ mode.

With this mount & indeed with my scopes, versatility is the name of the game. Lots of options.

My C8, while looking big, only weighs something like 6.5Kg. Its very manageable.

The mount head itself weighs 15.4Kg, which i believe, is a Kilo or so lighter than a standard EQ-6. The tripod is the same weight : 7.5KG


You hate the colour white....? Why is that ?  :(  Its better for spotting things in the darkness, especially for a clumsy lump like me !  ;)

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i always fancied a C9.25, but opted for the refractor option instead 4 years ago.

When the Celestron Edge series debuted a  couple of years ago, i was intrigued.

The 8" seems to have a good following over in the US. But i can't understand the cost....? Why is the C9.25 nearly double the cost of a C8 ? 

Doesn't make sense to me. I managed to get a good deal with my C8 though, and think it goes well with my frac.

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"Although i'm interested in imaging, i haven't really done any yet......... With this mount & indeed with my scopes, versatility is the name of the game. Lots of options."


Join the club - this is exactly my philosophy - all the gear and no idea - but the options will be there for when I get round to it lol :)

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