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Check my new telescope out!

Daz Type-R

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Yeah, my first scope, circa 1985 (I was 6).


Only managed the moon.


My dad was clearing out his loft today and found it, brought it round for me.

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Very similar to my first scope, only the packaging had a picture of Saturn the size of a football in full colour on it.

Imagine my disappointment.  :mellow:

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This was similar to my first scope; i'm only on my second now! There was a big gap. I remember seeing the moon and the rings of saturn with my original refractor and was amazed. We shouldn't knock small scopes as they can still give people (usually children) the opportunity to have a nose around the sky and it seems they were part of most of our early years.

Lovely memories.


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I have a similar one to my first scope, that being that the first one has got lost in the multiverse that was my Mums idea of keeping things safe, never to be seen again.

I did though get a s/h one some years later, and that re-ignited my interest again. That is now in the attic.


I might make some tube rings for it and out it on a EQ3 and see how it does.


I also agree with James, however let down we felt when Saturn wasn't the size of a football, it was a gateway into a great pastime. 

Even back then in 1975, it still cost my parents £50! Priceless I think.

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I had the older white plastic tubed 50mm, showed me craters on the moon, jupiters belts and a hint atvsaturns rings. Qualty was awful on mine but I didnt care it just fuelled the enthusiasm

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Guest Kheldar

No Stephen it is quite clearly red, if you want pink, look at yours!








Think your's is more day-glo pink to be honest :spititout: It's OK though, you can join my pink club if you want :wub:

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A friend of mine used to call Tasco telescopes drainpipes because he thought they were better used as water pipes than light pipes! A little unfair I think. If that first Tasco opened you to the wonders of the Universe then it served a very valuable and worthy purpose.

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