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Which LP Filter


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Hi Everyone


A few of you have mentioned light pollution filters to improve subs in astrophotography.


I purchased a UHC filter early on in my astronomy adventure and have found it next to useless.

It just turns everything green and I loose all but the brightest stars.


Nebulosity doesn't show up any better which I believe is what its designed for.


Perhaps I'm using it wrong!


Can anyone recommend a half decent LP filter.


Much obliged.




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Guest Kheldar

Sounds like you have a visual UHC filter rather than an imaging one to me.


They get costly, quickly but they are worth it if they are compatible with your LP.


Start with a Skywatcher LP filter and see if it helps :)

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If I can make one out of sweet wrappers I would have to pinch the sweets off the kids.  :lol:


Realistically. I spent about £ 40-50 on the UHC so around that figure would be acceptable. Just don't tell the wife.

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Guest AstroOlly

You can't beat the Astronomik EOS Clip LP filter if you have a canon DSLR, it is superb, BUT on an unmodded camera it will give a green cast to images, but on an astro modded camera (which is what it was designed for) the colour balance is almost perfect, but they are over Â£100, but in my opinion you will never use anything else, i would never image without it, with my Modded camera.



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