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Quick session 11March13


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No chance of looking for Panstarrs because of the cloud.

Popped outside at 19:45Hrs as the sky was patchy but the clear bits where very clear with good seeing.

Started with a look at Jupiter, just make out the equatorial bands and two moons on one side and one on the other side.

On to M45, a real showstopper in the 20x80's, just the right magnification and field of view which makes the cluster stand out rather than getting lost in the sea of stars behind them.  :thumbsup: 

M42 looking spectacular as always with the Trapezium easily visible.

Betelguese is still there which I always check on  :)

M66 and M65 just visible with averted vision.

M51 easily spotted tonight, just the two cores showing really but shrouded in a slight "nebulosity" for want of a better word.

M103 again clearly visible with a nice selection of different coloured stars.

Couldn't find Bodes, which is one target I need to get the chart out for as I can never remember it exact location.

Finished off on the Double cluster, again a fantastic object in the big bins, lots of colour on show and through the bins the cores of the clusters almost look like Globulars.


Anyway the cloud and snow showers beat me back inside, far to windy to open the Obsy up.
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Nice one Andy, you saw more than me, cos my gear is mostly packed ready for SGL8 starparty I popped out with my binos but gave up after 1/2 hour due to cloud and freezing fingers and toes, it wasnt half cold in that wind

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