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What are the benefits of dark site membership?


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Dark Site Membership


Dark Site Membership entitles you use our two dark sites throughout the year and an invitation to other events, such as the annual Xmas meal, hosted for dark site members. Use of the dark sites is adhoc and you can use them as much or as little as you like. Keep an eye on the EMS Meets board where members may arrange a session (or you can arrange one for yourself!).


Dark Site Members can also use our gallery to host their photos. Each member gets 100mb to use.


Dark Site Membership costs £25 per year and can be purchased through the Dark Site Membership link at the top of this website.


Dark Sites


The Belper dark site resides at a local campsite. The skies here are dark and it's high up, guarding from some of the light pollution, but being higher also means it's colder so make sure you wrap up warm. There is a locked gate to the site so you will need to discuss attending with a staff member prior to going up, so the gate can be unlocked but you can use it any time you want.  The camp site is used all year round, so please be vigilant of other users of the site.  A staff member will discuss with you about where to set-up ETC prior to you attending.


The Wymeswold dark site is located at the Wymeswold playing fields between Nottingham and Leicester. It's not as high as Belper but it's still quite open, so you'll still need to wrap up warm. There is a gate to the site which is locked so will need to be opened for you, allowing on-site parking. There are facilities available at Wymeswold to warm up, make hot drinks and take comfort breaks.


Thanks to our public liability insurance, members are fully insured at all observing sessions and EMS events.


First Visit


The main perk of being a dark site member is the access to our dark sites, so to make sure everybody is getting the best value out of becoming a member we allow a free visit the first time. This gives potential new dark site members a chance to check out the dark site, meet our members and get a feel for our observing sessions. We're confident you'll enjoy yourself though!


Once you've had your first visit and are ready to pay your membership fee, just click this link and purchase the package.




If you have any questions please feel free to post in a forum or ask a moderator.


We hope you enjoy your Dark Site Membership. :)

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