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Adjustable Guide Scope Mount


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After setting up my ST 80 as a guide scope I found I needed to be able to manourver it so I could find the best star to guide with.

I came up with this solution. It is simple but totally effective.


First I cut an Aluminium spreader bar to fit between the Scope rings of the Helios 200 Newt.

I then cut two pieces of 50mm x 50mm x 140mm Aluminium angle.


In the base angle I drilled a central hole of 6mm.

This was then transferred to the spreader plate in the required location of the guide scope.

The hole in the spreader plate was drilled and tapped at 6mm.

I then screwed the two pieces togeth using a 6mm Allen bolt this set up provides the pivot point to which the guide scope can swivel around.


I then drilled two holes 20mm in from each end of the base angle on the center line.

By placing a marker pen through each of these holes in the spreader plate and pivoting the angle from side to side I marked out the two slots which clamp the angle in place on the spreader plate.




Using a similar technique I fitted the vertical adjustment side plate.






After drilling and tapping the top of the vertical adjustment angle to allow for the fitting of the ST 80 scope rings I Anodised it and fitted it to my Newt.


I now have approximately 40 degrees of rotational movement and 15 degrees of vertical movement.


To use it is simply a matter of loosening the Allen bolts aligning the ST 80 with a decent guide star and tighten up.



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Brilliant - just needs adjustment knobs instead of allen keys and it'll be perfect for use in the dark. :)


Your right there Kim it was a case of using what I had to hand.

Mind being obs based it is not a prob for me as I can just turn the light on :D

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Thanks folks.


Like the saying goes 'necessity is the mother of invention' and it helped pass a couple of hours on yet another miserable wet afternoon.


Tobias - Yes I do the Anodizing myself.

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Cool. Can you do different colours?


Being i make Astro stuff I only have Black on the shelf so to speak but I can soon get hold of the different colour dyes.

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Cracking job Graham, simple, yet so effective. When you see the commercial one's that are hundreds of quids, it sort of puts it in to perspective.


Thanks Martyn.

You are right about putting things into perspective.

I have always maintained and will continue to do so that simplicity is the best solution to all things.

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