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Well the snow has arrived.


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This morning the snow arrived back again with a vengeance.

Took this out of the office window.

It was clean and green this morning.

This is after one hour.

:brr: :brr: :brr:



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I have just got back in from two jobs. East Midlands Airport is shut, and the services at Donnington are closed, they have a power failure.

The M1 was being ploughed clear, but was OK. Some side roads are a bit hairy.

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Last time I went outside (7:30 this morning) to clear the wife's car as she had to go to work, approx 6" fell through the door when I opened it! Looking at the street, I think it is approx 6" deep on my cul-de-sac.

Damn weather.

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well as an update.

24 hours on and its still snowing here.

Is only the light powdery stuff but it is slowly accumulating.

Now about 4 inches deep.





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Is that all we got about two foot here


So I hear Pat but you know we are very fussy down here.

We don't let just any type of snow settle you know :lol: :lol:

For round here Pat 4 inches of snow is virtually unheard off.

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