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Setting circle mod nearing completion.

Daz Type-R

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Hi all.


This has been a long time in coming (nearly 12 months in fact :facepalm: ) but there is light at the end of the tunnel.


I will produce a proper "how to" guide when completed but for now, here are some pics.


Before completion I just want to give it a test run, in case any adjustments are required.


So the 1st pic is of my wooden board that my actual setting circle will be stuck too.  This is to be sanded, painted black and then the setting circle will be stuck to it.




This is my actual setting circle that will be stuck to my board.




Setting circle stuck to the board, with the handle sticking out enabling me to turn the setting circle during alignment.




The ground board (with lots of holes :facepalm: ) after the slide guides had to be moved.




I also had to counter sink all the screws that hold the OTA arms in place as the snagged on the slide guides.


Hole cut into the top board with the cable tidy yet to be inserted.




All fitted together.





Just need a clear night to test it is acurate then it will all be sanded, painted black, the setting circle stuck in place permanently, the cable tidy will be glued in and a pointer will be added to the inside of the cable tidy to aid with alignment.


Jobs a good un.



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Well I'm happy to report that it works a treat.

I managed to grab 30 minutes the other night so poped out in the back garden to try it out.

So after polar aligning and resetting the circle to zero degrees, I set out trying to find some Messiers by using the setting circle.

Well happy to report, 6 or 7 minutes later I had bagged 3 Messiers.

Loving this setting circle, even if it feels like cheating!!!!


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