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Random Request!

Guest Kheldar

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Guest Kheldar

I have one, but I aint very good with it :) Andy oshb has one as well


Thanks for the offer, Noel has suggested what I had in mind won't work so I'm currently searching for a non extortionate adaptor :)

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So have I

That should have read

I have a lathe

so for future ref if its a simple job I might be able to help

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Guest Kheldar

Let me open this issue up to the masses then and see if anyone can devise a way to do what I'm after :)

I have a focuser that I want to fit to an OTA. It's mounting plate is incompatible with the OTA holes and I do NOT want to drill the OTA again.

The mounting plate that I have that fits the drilled holes in the OTA has a central focuser hole of say X mm wide.

My replacement focuser has a diameter (to go into that hole) of about X+2 mm :(

In short, I need to get the central hole of a focuser mounting plate bored out by about 2mm, with as clean/machined finish as possible.

Any takers? :D

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