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Well......almost! I need to add ALOT more to this to make it look even remotely decent. It's really faint, and for the life of me I can't fathom out this MX colour synthesis :screwloose:  I have the manual at my side, I follow the steps to the letter and I end up with the most garish looking pic you will ever see :unsure: I've had to leave it colourless, for now, and just play with the levels in PS to get this. It's a start :P you can just make out the *bubble* if you squint at it a bit :rolleyes:  This is from 20x120secs subs SW 150P-DS MX7C HEQ5 and a massive headache :lol: (I can manage 2 mins before I notice star bloating so I will have to make do for now)

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I assumed your camera is colour......if so it has a very fine "mesh" of red, green and blue filters over the chip, how the image is "de-bayered" depends on the arragement or sequence, some are RGGB some are RGBG etc.

DSS uses this bayer info to produce colour images.

There are lots of combinations and alternate filters used depending on the chip.


See here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayer_filter

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Ahhhh so that's what that lot is about! Thanks for the info....I will look into it


Edit: I have no Starlight options...I have everything else Canon/Pentax/SBig etc :wacko:

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Ok it was the MX9 on DSS.

The next option is to take a daytime image and try the Generic matrices in DSS until it looks right.

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