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Hi one and all

Guest Leeb

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Hi I have been with stargazers for a year or so, and never got round to getting involved with east mids group, I attended peak and sgl7 could'nt make 8 commitments etc. Anyway hello everyone  

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Hi Lee. Welcome. I remember going to the dry ski slope in Swadlingcote as a kid. Also did my driving test in Litchfield.


We are all off to Belper tonight. Fingers crossed for a clear night.


What sort of equipment have you got?



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Hi Lee and a warm welcome to EMS :)


All our meetings are like star parties (only a spot smaller lol) and we have two dark sites at Belper and Wymeswold. You'd be most welcome to pop along for a session with us next time there's a meeting.


Just keep an eye on the Info and Announcements section for the next EMS Meet (usually at the weekends). Put your name in the relevant thread on the day and someone will give you details and directions.


Meantime enjoy the forum :)

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Hi Lee, a warm welcome to EMS.


If it's star parties your'e after, then we are holding our own in September at Anderby Creek,  near Skegness. Paul Money is booked as a guest speaker.


As Kim mentioned, feel free to pop along to one of the dark sites and say hello.


Look forward to meeting you soon, and in the meantime, enjoy the forum. :)

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Thanks for the replies, as to equipment I currently have an orion optics 10" on an eq6 that i upgraded in february to full synscan. A 1974 8.5 inch david hinds F7.5 newt thats I converted to a dob last year. A 120mm bresser pro that is on a cq5 (with  belt drive soon) , a tal 1 and of course the old 60mm tasco...those were the days.. Did have a couple more but sold them as the house was filling up, and i was getting in trouble......


Popped to derby astro tonight , there was a speech on young stars, by a doc from jodrell bank.. excellent stuff.

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Hi Lee and welcome to EMS!


I'm glad to hear the DDAS talk was good, I know some of the folks from DDAS and they are a good bunch. :) You can see details of some of their meets posted here on the forum. 


Sounds like you have some very impressive kit.

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