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C49 Rosette Surprise Edition. 05/04/13


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A stack of just 12 120 sec subs @ 800 ISO.


350D Modded on ED80 mounted on EQ5 Unguided.


Chucked into DSS, Abused in PS5.


It was just a bit of a mess about just to see how much detail 120secs could pull from it, wasn't expecting what I got from such little data.


Rosette002 by Perkil8r, on Flickr

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Its not bad to much blur action going on and looks a little out of focus to me and theres a lot a noise but still a not bad image



Blurred slightly to try and get rid of noise and this wasn't a serious attempt, focus according to FVHM or whatever it is says it is as close to focus as it's ever liely to get with the standard focuser.

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Nice one Mike, awesome as usual.

Is this the object we were talking about when you had to re-align due to you knocking the mount?


That would be the one :facepalm: just having a bit of a mess about gathering research for when I decide to image it one day :D


@Kim Thanks, you know how it is, plonk it down rough polar align, knock it out later, knock it back somewhere near and fire a few 120 secs off unguided..... :lol: I can't wait till the day I can get to do guiding, I think a whole new universe will open it's self up to me.

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Mike, apart from money, what stops you guiding with the heq5?



I haven't got a HEQ5, that would pretty much stop it :lol:

The money i would think dawson


See above.

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