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Keling Heath Spring Star Party

Guest Magnatone

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Guest Magnatone

Hello anyone!!!!!!


Is any body from EMS going to this event, can't find anything on the forums apart from my initial one some weeks back. Well its here now and its going to be cloudy, no doubt!!, still I'll be out there in the elements, watching Stevie Hawkins vids, also some 'Universe' vids, having a few bevs, and that will probably be about it. Was going to introduce myself to some of EMS members, but if no ones there I'll have to wait until autumn. That's it will be travelling down from Northants Friday early morning arriving about 8 or 9am. Not sure if I'll take all equipment now in view of the weather!!! so we'll have to wait and see. Still got some ornithological studies that could be done, we'll have to see.  Bye everyone



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One of the best parts about EMS is the get togethers at Star Parties.


In the past we have usually done the Spring Kelling but this year the dates fell wrong, and were close to SGL8 at Hereford.


However, as you say, even if the weather is duff a good time is had by all.  We usually enjoy at least one group BBQ or meal out.


This is some of us at EMS1, our own SP organised annually near Skegness.




This is some of the gang at Kelling Autumn last year.




Here we are at SGL7 near Hereford.




Have a good time, see you soon.


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We've been to Kelling Spring and Autumn for the last 5yrs Tony but unfortunately this is the first year we're skipping Spring in favour of a warm summer holiday.


However - we might take a day trip over on the Saturday this spring just to meet folks, stroll round the traders seeing if there's anything we need, and might stay after dark for a while if it's clear. Not written in stone yet - it'll be a late decision - but If we do I'll come look you up. :)

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Guest Magnatone

Hi again


Sorry could not reply earlier, got way laid sorting bits out. Checked the weather and it looks like clear skies between 22.00 and 04.00 (JUST RIGHT!!!) on Friday night... The rest appears dross!


Look forward to meeting if you all come up for day trip, and thanks for the pics, excellent



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