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Char Wallah's Upgrade


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I realised that after the last meeting the old petrol stove wasn't cutting the mustard, and that it was taking too long to heat up the amount of water needed for us all to have a drink at the same time.

So I have built the mother of all brewing stoves.

It uses a propane burner which came out of a gas forge I used to own. This was pants for forging and barely got the metal hot enough to work.

It does however make a cracking tea mashing machine! It gets the large stock pot to the boil in twenty minutes.


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I would love to see one of those water heaters go, they worked out it generated 85,000 lbs of thrust.

I have a 12 kg propane tank, but there's not a lot left,I might have to go and get a refill soon.

It should do a full pot in around twenty minutes to half hour, when I tried it this afternoon, it was really windy, and it didn't bother it.

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Good grief Baz, that's brilliant. When it's not making tea you could put the 300p on it and use it as a dew buster :D

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