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Baader Maxbright Binoviewer unpacking


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Well......after a little over 10 weeks it's finally arrived.


Had a quick look earlier today and thought i'd share a few photos.


It comprises of the following :


The binoviewer itself

The Baader T2 Zeiss 2" prism diagonal

2" T2 nosepiece

1.7x and 2.6x GPC's  (Glasspath correctors- used to bring image to focus)



Need to be careful i don't lose these GPC's !


A nice little case is included



This was a big surprise : a compression ring  :)

I was led to believe it came with 3 setscrews to hold each eyepiece. This is a big plus for me.


The completed kit with my 19mm Pans. It's reasonable heavy, so i'll need to be careful with it on the focuser.

I'm pleased with things so far......i'll do another report come first light.

Thanks for viewing  ;)







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Cheers guys......


I've just weighed it all Eddy :


The bino 525g

Diagonal 230g

185g each for the Pans = 370g


.......which adds up to  1125g  for the whole assembly.


The Panoptics are pretty light really, so if i went for a different set pair of eyepieces, say another Vixen or a pair of TV Delos or something,

i'd be heading upto 1500g in no time. In comparison, my heaviest eyepiece is just over a kilo in weight.

Not an issue weight wise for the focuser ; i'm more concerned with the 2" nosepiece, ( which screws into the diagonal & goes into the focuser).

It's a little on the short side for my liking. I'll need to be careful with it all.....i don't want any slip ups !!


Another issue : the bino itself rotates when screwed into the diagonal : theres a separate 'collar' to allow it to turn.

This is ok...but it turns a little too easily. I'd rather it was a little stiffer, but there doesn't seem to be any way of adjusting it ?

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"the bino itself rotates when screwed into the diagonal"


I get this problem as well sometimes - the weight can cause it to unthread the diagonal which can't be tightened too much cos it can scrunch the mirror if overdone. It's one of the few times you need cold temperatures to contract it all together to hold tight. All it would need is a locking grub screw in the side - wish they'd design that in.

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