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Wymeswold meeting tonight, 12/4/13


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Cheers Steve, it's very pleasing to see so many people turn up and have a good time.


Just thinking back to 3 years ago when I met Doc in a car park near the old dark site field having only ever PM'd on SGL before it's amazing how far things have come.

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Terrific turnout guys - sorry I missed this one folks but I'm not well right now. It's amazing how far EMS has come since only three years ago.

Welcome to all the newcomers at tonight's meeting - hope you enjoyed yourselves. And thanks again to all the regulars who turned up. :)

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Amazing night, I think we had 27 turn up, including a few new faces. Thanks Astrocookie and Red Dwalf for the talks, they were really good and very informative.


The quiz was a blast so thanks Baz and Rusty for that. Shame about the clouds but thats what happens in this country.

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Great evening sorry had to leave early but wife was happy to see me

It was good to put faces to names on forum looking forward to next meet great talk from Asrtocookie and Red Dwalf

See you all soon


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A big thank you to everyone there for making me feel welcome.


And thanks for an enjoyable evening. 


Looking forward to the next one.



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Guest devil74

Thanks to everyone who turned up tonight...great turn out and good to see some new faces and the more familiar ones too.

Special thank you to Paul and Rob for the talks and to John and Martyn for the quiz...really enjoyed it.

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A very enjoyable evening, it would have been a bit better had the sky played ball, but some of the members who stayed a bit later saw the ISS pass over, rapidly followed by masses of the fluffy stuff.


It was a good turn out.

Many thanks to Paul, (Astrocookie) on how to build a homebrew guider, this is a bit of kit Paul has put together with common "off the shelf" bits, to control and track a guide star for imaging with. Without doubt, a very inventive way of doing it and looking at the early results, a winner. 


The next session was from Rob, (Red Dwalf) with a explanation of how he uses a web-cam for imaging, and a run down of the free software that he uses to achieve this.

The results speak for themselves and again given a bit of clear sky, Iam looking forward to some nice Saturn's from Rob. (No pressure! :) )

The Jupiter's from his Kelling sessions were very nice with loads of band detail, and a Moon chucked in for good measure.


At this point, I would like to thank Dave, (Rock Doctor) for helping us out by somehow managing to have a projector for the speakers to use. Much appreciated Dave, it would have been a bit duller without it. This added to to enjoyment of the night. 

A big thank you to Allen also, as he turned out an extension lead, without which we would have been back to square one.


An informal quiz followed, and now it doesn't surprise me at the collective depth of knowledge that was present in the room. Questions that were specific and were put in to see how much we all know, were answered almost immediately and correctly.

There are a good few people, myself included, who say they don't know much. But this proves this wrong, it's amazing how much information you do retain about the subject.

Still, no one offered an answered to; "What are the seven age defying effects of Oil of Olay"? :D


It was great to meet the new members, and put faces to names. I hope you enjoyed the evening and got something out of it.

Likewise, it was nice to see familiar faces, and all in all, made for a pleasant night. 


Pics to follow when Tinks gets sorted.

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Great night, thanks to all.

Loved Paul's home brew guiding talk and with any luck Rob should stir me into action and with my hardly used spc 900.

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Thanks to Paul and Rob for the talks to make a cloudy evening most informative, I really enjoyed them. A pity I had to leave early and miss the quiz due to work this morning.


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Guest Ely Ellis

Was an excellent night, really enjoyed it and nice to meet a few new ones.

Talks were very good and I picked up a few good tips.

Thanks to all.



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Guest Wraith01mg

Had a great time, it was good to meet more people, though my memory for names is abysmal, great talks by both speakers, it will get me of my bum and try for some imaging. Sorry for having to bail early guys, I hope the quiz was good. Lets hope for clearer Sky's next time.

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It was my first time at the Wymeswold meeting. It was a nice, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, buzzing with ethusiasm and inspiring people. Paul and Rob's talks were great. With the exception of a Canon Ixus on a fixed tripod with a max of 15s exp, I've only ever done film astrophotography and it's been over 20 years since I last took a photo of Saturn using film like black and white Technical Pan 2415 25 ASA, Tri X 400 ASA, a cable release and a cardboard cap to slowly remove from the objective (not touching) after the shutter was opened, waiting for the shimmy from the cable release or wind to die down.  Although I could see the Casini division visually intermittently (and ~5-6 moons) at times of good seeing, I didn't manage to photograph it. Today's digital methods are a learning curve for me. But I learnt something from the talks and I've ordered the book "Every photo counts" to add to my collection.  


I was pleased to have a chance to ask questions to the speakers later. John and Martyn's quiz was great. It was good to be able to talk to a number of you, Rock Doctor, Allen, James, Martyn, Lee and others. It even helped me to home in on a particular smart phone I was thinking about getting. I hope to be able to come again and the skies be clear.  Your enthusiasm has probably resulted in my bank balance going down because I'm likely to buy some extra kit.  I think one of my challenges is to record the Casini Division. If I saw it visually, surely I should be able to record it digitally with a web cam and fast frame rates? (as opposed to a 4 second exposure with film - 0.1 seconds of excellent seeing and 3.9 sec of poor seeing, blurring out the Casini Division on grainy film too).


Thank you all

clear skies


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