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Attenborough NR today.


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I had a great walk round Attenborough nature reserve with my son today. We went round want is known as the Delta, and I was glad we did. Saw three Great Spotted Woodpeckers together, must have studied them for a good 30 minutes, they were showing really well, doing what woodpeckers do. The trunks were too narrrow for them to be making a nest so possibly termites were the reason for them being there.

Also saw a female Smew near to the bridge, no sign of the male, I'm still to see a male Smew but I do keep looking.

A little further along towards the reedbeds, we glimpsed a Bittern flying in, saw it for maybe 10 seconds then it crash landed into the reeds and wasn't spotted again. This was a first for us to see this Bittern so at least I know where it's nest maybe.

All in all a lovely walk.

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A Bittern haven't seen one of those for about 40 years when we used to go to Norfolk Broads

the male smew is avoiding a lot of folks

glad you enjoyed it

my local patch is very quite at the moment I think it has a bit to do with the weekend lumberjacks attacking the trees along the diused canal or as they call it canal working party

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Looks like the Bitterns are going to be nesting again this year, you will know when you hear it. Iam glad they do it in the day, it would be very spooky at night.

A productive wander then Mick.

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