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Such double standards (rant)


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My friend of many years who lives in the countryside had a long running battle with the council about the removal of a tree that was damaging his property. It took him three years to get permission to cut the tree down. The council refused to listen and just kept stating that tree conservation is so important to the environment.

I totally agree with the tree protection, I infact I love nature and trees and we need them big time, but this was important the roots were doing real damage. Anyway to cut along story short after three years he won and the tree is gone.

Now my moan....

They the council are building the tram through Chilwell, and guess what, they have chopped down over 50 trees some of them about 50 years old. They never asked the public before doing it, they never seeked permission, and no one objected. One rule for them and one for us.

Makes me really annoyed that such double standards exist when I know how much stress my mate went through.

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Yep I agree Mick councils make life difficult for the likes of us but then they just railroad stuff through without a thought if theres money behind it or its gonna cost to stop it.

South Derbyshire C Council are not my favourite at the moment for reasons I shall not divulge on here, They have just as big double standards as well.


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I know we don't talk politics here, but someone votes these muppets in, when I see a 17 percent turn out at elections it makes me wonder how apathetic most members of the public are.

My rule in a conversation, you didn't vote, no comment.

It's all going down the big tube!

Right, what channels Jeremy Kyle on?

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Guest Bryndalf

Gets worse, did anyone see the TV last night...a tiny minority of people in Notts complaining about lights being turned off, now the council is saying that if people dont like it they will switch them back on...so much for their big environmental push.

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I have no problem with folks wanting lights on if they are prepared to pay for it, and not expect me to stump up more council tax to fund it. Energy prices are rising, and the cost of lighting the roads is amazing.

If we paid for street lighting on a street by street basis I wonder how bright the future would really be?

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Guest Tweedledum

Don't get me started on Councils. Chap on Anglesey used to run a small campsite, tried for 12 years to get planning for the field next to his to grow the business. No growth equalled closure, local councillor bought the site guess what got planning for the field first go. It stank.

Get the street lights off, theres only one light I like seeing at night - a light house, ruins your night sight at 10 miles but been happy to see them on several occasions :)

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