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Drift align in phd


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 use polar scope
then calibrate phd as normal
turn off dec guiding in phd (in the brain settings)
find star on ecliptic in south

start guiding phd with graph on
any drift will be in dec
adjust azimuth give it a good twist if the line is steeper you have gone the wrong way

adjust till no /very little drift in south

go to either east or west
turn on guiding as before ie no dec guiding
but this time adjust altitude till little or no drift

you can go back and check to south  then  east/west to improve it

you can do same in maxim and I would guess AA(not used it for ages)


before you pack away either adjust polar scope or remember how far it is off for next time and it will be quicker



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Andy did not know you had done this


the version I use has a  slight difference

:P  :D

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